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Healthy Instant Oat Noodles
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Traditional noodles are processed through deep frying which are high in calories, saturated fat and sodium, which can contribute to weight gain and increase the risk of chronic health conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Fried noodles are also often high in refined carbohydrates, which can cause spikes in blood sugar levels and contribute to diabetes.


Introducing the revolutionary Healthy Instant Oat Noodle – the perfect alternative to traditional deep-fried noodles. Say goodbye to those high-calorie, unhealthy food and embrace a delicious, nutritious option that will tantalize your taste buds while keeping your health in check yes


What's so special?

  • Low Calorie: At just 379 kcal per serving, our Healthy Instant Oat Noodle is a guilt-free delight, offering a whopping 60% lower calories than your regular meal.

  • Low Carbohydrates: Crafted with premium ingredients to replace the processed flour and starches used in traditional noodles to ensure a low carb diet.

  • Low Fat:  Oat noodle is not deep fry, hence has lower fat content than other noodles (the oil used to fry noodles may contain unhealthy trans fats which can increase the risk of heart disease).

  • Low-Sodium: We prioritize your health with a low-sodium formulation, ensuring that you savor the flavor without compromising your well-being.

  • Nutrient-Rich: Packed with the goodness of 70% hulless oat and 20% buckwheat, this noodle is a rich source of dietary fiber and high-quality protein, making it a wholesome choice for your daily meals. No more worrying about indigestion problems.

  • Air-Dried Technology: Our unique air-drying process retains the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, giving you a bowl of noodles that not only tastes great but is also a healthier choice.

  • Authentic Flavour: A delectable duck minced flavor sauce that will transport your taste buds to culinary bliss.

  • Additional 30g: Each pack comes with extra 30g oat noodles to increase satiety without compromising your calorie intake. More satisfying, less fattening!


*Product packaging is for illustration purpose only.


Preparation Method: Only 6 minutes!
Revolutionize your meal preparation with the ultimate convenience of our Healthy Instant Oat Noodle. No cooking, boiling, or washing required – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open & Pour: Open the packaging, place the oat noodle inside, and pour in hot water.

  2. Soak & Soften: Let the noodles soak for just 6 minutes until they reach the perfect softness.

  3. Drain & Season: Drain the water effortlessly through the hole on the lid, add the tantalizing seasoning, stir well, and voila! Your nutritious and delicious meal is ready to be served.


Make the switch to a healthier, tastier noodle experience. Order this Healthy Instant Oat Noodle now and savor the goodness in every bite. Your body will thank you!






隆重推出革命性的健康即食燕麦面 - 传统油炸Maggie面的完美替代品。告别那些高热量、不健康的食物,拥抱美味、营养的选择,既能满足您的味蕾,又能控制您的健康yes



  • 低热量:我们的健康即食燕麦面每份热量仅为 379 kcal,比常规餐食的热量低 60%,是一种无负罪感的享受。

  • 低碳水化合物:采用优质原料精制而成,替代传统面条中使用的加工面粉和淀粉,以确保低碳水化合物饮食。

  • 低脂肪:燕麦面条不油炸,因此脂肪含量低于其他面条(用于煎面条的油可能含有不健康的反式脂肪,会增加患心脏病的风险)

  • 低钠配方:我们采用低钠配方优先考虑您的健康,确保您在品尝风味的同时又不影响您的健康。

  • 营养丰富:这款面条富含 70% 无壳燕麦和 20% 荞麦,是膳食纤维和优质蛋白质的丰富来源,是您日常膳食的健康选择。再也不用担心消化不良的问题了。

  • 烘干技术:我们独特的烘干工艺保留了成分的营养完整性,给您一碗面条,不仅味道好,而且是更健康的选择。

  • 正宗风味:美味的鸭肉末风味酱,将带您的味蕾享受烹饪的幸福。

  • 额外添加30克:每盒额外添加 30 克燕麦面,可增加饱腹感,同时不会影响卡路里摄入量。更满足,更少发胖!


利用我们的健康即食燕麦面的终极便利彻底改变您的膳食准备。无需烹饪、煮沸或清洗 - 只需遵循以下简单步骤即可:

  1. 打开并倒入:打开包装,将燕麦面放入其中,倒入热水。

  2. 浸泡并软化:让面条浸泡 6 分钟,直至达到完美的柔软度。

  3. 沥干和调味:通过盖子上的孔轻松沥干水,加入诱人的调味料,搅拌均匀,瞧!您的营养美味的餐点已准备就绪。




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