Diabetes Specific Formula
Specifically formulated to help regulate blood sugar level using 100% natural and patented ingredients - Pep2Dia®
Maxsure DM Specialized Diabetes Milk
Complete nutrition with ZERO sugar and clinically proven raw ingredients patented from the US and France to effectively control blood sugar level.

4 Glucose Controlling Ingredients
Contains Pep2dia, Glycostat Wild Bitter Melon extract, Chromium and Inositol which regulate blood sugar level and improves insulin sensitivity
28 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
High in protein, calcium, Omega 3, 6 and 9 which supports overall health.
Maxsure Platinum Plant Based Oat Milk
Dairy free, soy free and gluten free. Effectively improves gut health and constipation.

Suitable for stomach discomfort, vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerance.
6 Key Ingredients
Contains CoQ10, Lutein, Inulin, Yeast Beta-glucan, Phosphatidylserine (PS) and calcium.
23 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
Meal replacement that fulfil our body daily needs.
Healthy Instant Oat Noodle
Made of 70%hulless oat & 20% buckwheat, making it the perfect nutritious alternative to traditional deep-fried noodles with 60% lower in calories (379 kcal only), low fat content & low sodium formulation.
Air-dried technology
Our unique air-drying process retains the nutritional integrity of the premium ingredients, giving you a bowl of tasty noodles with high protein & dietary fiber.
Easy preparation
No preparing, cooking, boiling or washing required. Enjoy a tasty yet satisfying meal in 6 mins with our convenient packaging.